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  • Brand:GOOD
  • Product Model:HN-701B
  • Packing:15kg/tin,180kg/drum
  • Application:For wrapping or laminating the wood-plastic composite(WPC) profile,panel,sheet with PVC film.
  • Distinctiveness:1.stong initial bonding strength

    2.high viscosity

    3.high solid content

  • Shelf Life:12 months
  • Details
    Product Name Wrapping adhesive for wood-plastic composite(WPC)
    Item No. HN-701B
    Appearance colorless transparent viscous liquid
    Solid Content 17%-25%
    Viscosity 8000-10000 CPS/25℃
    Tack Retention Time 3-5 min
    Product Feature 1.stong initial bonding strength

    2.high viscosity

    3.high solid content


    For wrapping or laminating the wood-plastic composite(WPC) profile,

    panel,sheet with PVC film.

    Wrapping adhesive for wood-plastic composite(WPC)Wrapping adhesive for wood-plastic composite(WPC)

    Application method

    by roll coating or scrap coating

    Shelf Life 12 months

    1.Do not mix the product with other adhesives

    2.The product should be tightly sealed and kept in cool and dry places between 5~40.Keepaway from fire.

    3.Operators should wear protective equipment.

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