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  • Brand:GOOD
  • Product Model:HN-873
  • Packing:15kg/tin,170kg/barrel
  • Application:sponge,cloth,leather,paper,wood,real leather,etc.
  • Distinctiveness:Excellent heat resistant,highly viscous,dry fast,suitable for PU,PVC,EVA,leather pasting.Mainly used in leather processing.Widely used in bags,belts,seats,bureaus,air conditions,carton packaging
  • Shelf Life:6 months
  • Details

    Product Name Neoprene spray adhesive
    Other Name

    Spray all purpose adhesive,spray glue,spray adhesive,chloroprene

    spray adhesive,neoprene adhesive spray,spray contact adhesive

    Item No. HN-873
    Appearance pale yellow viscous liquid
    Solid Content 22-23%
    Viscosity 400-600cps/25
    Heat Resistance 60-80
    Tack Retention Time 15-30min

    Widely used in industries of suitcases,belts,vehicle seats,office

    desks,air conditioners,paper cases;suitable forbonding of sponge,

    cloth,leather,paper,wood,real leather,etc.

    Shelf Life 6 months

    1.Do not mix the product with other adhesives

    2.The product should be tightly sealed and kept in cool and dry places between 5~40.Keepaway from fire.

    3.Operators should wear protective equipment.

  • Factory Address: No.1 Duozheng Road,Lubao Industrial Zone,Sanshui District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China
  • GOOD Adhesive Marketing Dept.Address: Highnic Group Building,Guangfo Rd.,Yanbu,Dali Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China
  • Tel:+86-757-8576 8695/8202/8682    Fax: +86-757-85768678
  • Postcode: 528247     Website:http://www.aonanos.com,http://highnic.en.alibaba.com/
  • E-mail:export695@highnic.com.cn,export8202@highnic.com.cn,export8682@highnic.com.cn
  • Phone: +86-13923155895/13928651530
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